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Hey, want to watch a Movie? #1: The Black Hole

Sometimes, the perfect way to spend an evening is just to sit back with a few good friends, pop in a DVD and just spend the next couple hours talking, laughing, and joking around.

Well, now you can do it with Christiana and Mike! This time around, they mixed up some themed drinks and watched Disney's The Black Hole!

The Drinks:

The Black Hole (A "real" drink)

1 1/2oz Black Sambuca (Not interchangable with regular Sambuca), Club Soda and Ice

The Black Hole EXTREEEEME!

Blavod Black Vodka and Mountain Dew: Code Red

The Maximilian

Captain Morgan "Tattoo" Rum, and Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla

Note: The dinner banquet scene skipped a little on my disc during the recording, so you may need to resync the show and the film after that scene. No more than a few seconds difference.

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