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Christiana, Mike, Chooch, Vivid Muse, and Jason Banks get together for the 30th Anniversary of "The Breakfast Club"!

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Christiana Ellis, Adam Morey, Mike Meitin, PC Haring, and Kim Forturner get together to watch Star Wars.

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Christiana and Mike continue their discussion of the Oscar Nominations.

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Christiana and Mike begin anew their annual Oscar-nominated movie marathon!

In this episode we read the list of nominees, and also spend some time discussing The Social Network, How to Train Your Dragon, and many others! (Part 1 of 2)

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Christiana, Mike, Nobilis, Adam Morey, and Kim the Comic Book Goddess watch Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, and everything is peaches and gravy!

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The finale of our 2010 Oscar Movie Marathon Discussion

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Christiana, Mike, Adam Morey, Chooch and Viv join us for the Dreamworks animated epic "The Road to El Dorado"

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The marathon continues, and Christiana and Mike talk about Coraline, The Fantastic Mr Fox, The Princess and the Frog, The Cove, A Serious Man, and Inglorious Basterds

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Christiana and Mike break down the 2010 Oscar nominations and talk about the start of their annual marathon to see as many nominated films as possible.

Download our spreadsheet HERE

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Christiana, Mike, and MA in PA pay tribute to the late, great John Hughes by watching "The Breakfast Club".
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Christiana, Mike, Michael Plested, and Adam Morey are DEAD BY DAWN as they watch Evil Dead 2!
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We ain't afraid of no ghost! It's a full house as Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, Brandon Hill, Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit, Susan Z, Kim the Comic Book Goddess and the Right Reverend Chumley watch Ghostbusters!
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Christiana, Mike, Chooch and Viv, Adam Morey, Brandon Hill, and Kim the Comic Book Goddess do some Trainspotting!
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Christiana Ellis and Mike Meitin wrap-up their Oscar Marathon Series. Part 1 of 2
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Part 2 of our 2009 Oscar Marathon series.

In which, we discuss Milk, Frost/Nixon, Wall-E, Bolt, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
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Christiana, Mike, Kim AKA ComicBookGoddess, Richard Green AKA Mainframe, PC Haring, Randy Hinckley and Tim Dodge are on a mission from God... to watch THE BLUES BROTHERS!
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Christiana and Mike are going to try and see as many of the Oscar nominated films as possible before the awards ceremony. How far will they get? You'll have to listen to find out!

Follow along or even play at home on their status spreadsheet.

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Christiana Ellis, Kim "Comic Book Goddess" and Tim Dodge watch the imortal Capra Christmas Classic: "It's a Wonderful Life"
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, PC Haring, Stephen Kilbride, Chris Moody, Tee Morris, and Pip Ballantine watch the 2006 version of Casino Royale
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, Brandon Hill, and Richard Green honor the late, great Paul Newman with a viewing of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
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 Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, Brandon Hill, Jesse Willis, Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine watch the sci-fi horror classic: "The THING"!
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Brandon Hill, Jesse Willis, and Mae & Scott Breakall join us for "Brick"
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Jesse Willis, Adam Morey, Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway watch "Zulu"
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, Neil Watson, and the Right Reverend Chumley watch Xanadu.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Adam Morey, Brandon Hill, PC Haring, Paul Fischer, and Wesley Clifford all get together to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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We will, we will.... Rock you! ... And watch "A Knight's Tale"
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 The gang gets together to watch the "Final Cut" of the sci-fi classic: Blade Runner!

Guests include: Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Brandon Hill, Adam Morey, MA in PA, Dan Taber, Jesse Willis, Susan Z and special appearance by The Biscuit.

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The gang gets together to watch Serenity.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Brandon Hill, Jessey Willis, and Tabz watch Galaxy Quest!
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"By the power of Greyskull!"

We watch the gloriously funny buddy-cop parody, Hot Fuzz with a bunch of people: Christiana, Mike, Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, Tee Morris, Choochus and Viv, and Gutshot.
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"Do you also say, Froe-derick?" We watch the Mel Brooks classic: Young Frankenstein with: MA in PA, Evo Terra, JT Shea, the Right Reverend Chumley, and Choochus & Viv.
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Christiana, Mike, and P.C. Haring watch the 80's classic: Ferris Bueller's Day Off!
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MA in PA joins Christiana and Mike for the teen sex comedy that transcends the genre: Eurotrip.
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We've got a big group together to watch Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World!

We've got Christiana Ellis and Mike Meitin, Michelle and Nuri, MA in PA, Steve Eley, and Tee Morris.
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Christiana, Mike, Neil, Paul and Martha watch the wacky German film of awesomeness... Run Lola Run.
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Christiana and Mike are joined by Borderline Neil, Shelley Brisbin, Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway and the Right Rev. Chumley for an evening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!
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Christiana and Mike are joined by Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway of Dancing Cat Studios for an evening of MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

Be sure to check out their podiobook, the mystery: "Serve it Cold"
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Yar, ahoy there mateys! Captain Ellis here, and we be watchin' Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Joinin' me is my First Mate, Mike Meitin, and scurvy swabs Borderline Neil and Paul from Des Moines.

Plus, we be drinkin' rum according to this here Pirates of the Caribbean drinking game.

Rule 1:

Choose your pirate from the list below, and whenever someone says their name or any variation thereof, drink.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • William Turner
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Captain Barbossa

Rule 2:

Whenever Will does something well-intentioned, but nonetheless goofy, shout AVAST! And drink.

Rule 3:

Whenever Barbossa uses unnecessarily big words, shout out the longest word you can think of. Whoever's word is the longest gets to make the others drink. Preparing words in advance is CHEATING

Rule 4:

Whenever Captain Jack Sparrow gives a nonsensical or unlikely answer to a simple question, shout "Savvy" and drink.

Rule 5:

Whenever Elizabeth shouts at someone or otherwise gets overtly angry, shout "Feisty wench" and drink. When she is overly prim and proper, shout "Hello Poppet" and drink.

Rule 6:

When Mr. Gibbs takes a swig from his flask, shout "'Tis Bad Luck!" and drink. If the flask is empty, see rule 10 (AKA Why is the rum gone?).

Rule 7:

Whenever parley is called, the group must take a vote. Whoever is elected must drink the agreed upon amount.

Rule 8:

When you see something taken directly from the ride, shout "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and drink.

Rule 9:

When the cursed pirates change back and forth from zombie form in the moonlight, shout either "Pirate Ghosts!" or "Ghost Pirates!", whichever you prefer, but be prepared to defend your answer. "Zombie" may be substituted for "Ghost" as desired.

Rule 10:

When anyone finishes their drink and needs a refill, they shout "Why is the rum gone?" and everyone else must finish their drinks and refill as well.

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Nobilis and his wife Dee join Mike and Christiana for an evening with Aeon Flux, and some of it even makes sense!
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Christiana and Mike are joined by Paul from Des Moines and the Right Rev Chumley for an evening of talking about nearly everything EXCEPT the 1997 sci-fi film, Contact.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, and Paul from Des Moines watch one of the finest action movies ever: The Rock.
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We watch Spiderman 2 with Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Shelly Brisbin, Clinton Alvord and Chris Moody.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Tee Morris, and Tony Mast watch "Escape from New York."
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Well what do you know?

Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit wrangled together some of his webcomic friends, Samantha Allen and Lee Cherolis and they watched Snakes on A Plane!
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We watch the "RomZomCom", Shaun of the Dead, with Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Shelly Brisbin and Rich Sigfrit.
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This time, we watch "The Princess Bride" with Christiana Ellis, Neil from the Borderline Podcast, Steve Eley from Escape Pod, etc., and P.G. Holyfield from the coming-soon podiobook, Murder on Avedon Hill.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin and Evo Terra watch "A Christmas Story"
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Christiana Ellis and Mike Meitin watch Deep Blue Sea. Come on! Super-smart sharks! You know you want to!
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We watch "Clueless" with Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, and Dan and CJ from Love Long and Prosper.

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We watch The Fifth Element, with Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Neil from The Borderline Podcast, Steve Eley from Escape Pod, and the Right Rev Chumley from Cult of UHF.
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This time around, Mike and I are joined by Dan and CJ from Love, Long and Prosper, King Bonk, and Neil from The Borderline Podcast, and we all watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan!
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, and Steve Eley of Escape Pod get together to watch the cult indie post-apocalyptic rock-n-roll martial arts movie: Six String Samurai.
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A two-hour, 3AM, 9-person game of Killer Bunnies played by a bunch of rowdy podcasters at DragonCon 2006!
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Shelly Brisbin and Tee Morris watch the classic 1935 pirate flick, Captain Blood!
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Christiana Ellis, Shelly Brisbin, and JC Hutchins all take a look at that seminal time-travel classic, Back to the Future!
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Join Christiana, Mike, and King Bonk as they watch the John Carpenter / Kurt Russell cult classic: Big Trouble in Little China.
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Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Shelly Brisbin, and King Bonk watch The Godfather.

Oh, and did I mention Squirrel Pope and Nina Kimberly the Merciless?
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Christiana and Mike are joined once again by Shelly (of Shelly's Podcast), Reverend Chumley (of Cult of UHF), and also by Aaron (of The Big Show), to watch a movie and talk about it.

This time: We watch Willow
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After Top Gun was over, Shelly and the Right Reverend Chumley stick around for more conversation.
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This time around, Mike and I are joined by Shelly Brisbin of Shelly's Podcast, and the Right Reverend Chumley from Cult of UHF, and we're watching Top Gun and playing a top-notch drinking game!
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Sometimes, the perfect way to spend an evening is just to sit back with a few good friends, pop in a DVD and just spend the next couple hours talking, laughing, and joking around.

Well, now you can do it with Christiana and Mike! This time around, they mixed up some themed drinks and watched Disney's The Black Hole!

The Drinks:

The Black Hole (A "real" drink)

1 1/2oz Black Sambuca (Not interchangable with regular Sambuca), Club Soda and Ice

The Black Hole EXTREEEEME!

Blavod Black Vodka and Mountain Dew: Code Red

The Maximilian

Captain Morgan "Tattoo" Rum, and Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla

Note: The dinner banquet scene skipped a little on my disc during the recording, so you may need to resync the show and the film after that scene. No more than a few seconds difference.

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